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Yahan Sabhi Gyani Hain story

Pappu Tiwari and his broken family have by easily till now by selling his properties. Presently, with just a single tribal property remaining and a money related crunch waiting on his head, Pappu is considering selling this genealogical land at the most ideal cost. 

Be that as it may, since this idea flew in his mind, his late mother has begun frequenting him in his fantasies. Incapable to discover an association, one day on a visit to his family Pandit Ji, Pappu is informed that he has a yog of concealed fortune in his horoscope. 

Presently acknowledging what his late mother 'Amma Ji' was attempting to convey to him, the entire family is blissful on the news. Baited by the possibilities of turning into a tycoon, Pappu dismisses every one of the offers he was getting for the property. To add to the great occasions, Pandit Ji brings a marriage suggestion for his little girl Goldie with Kani's child (Rakesh).

 Kani is the new Richy-rich of the city, who has as of late gone to legislative issues. Kani tosses Pappu's life worked up by dropping the share bomb. Pappu consents to everything, as he accepts his penances will be returned when the ball is in his court to request a share for his child. A grievous occurrence prompts Pappu and Family to accept that Amma Ji's soul has had Goldie so as to assist them with trip locate the shrouded fortune in the genealogical property.

 With the date of marriage drawing closer, banks arranging, land cost going down and no trace of concealed fortune to satisfy the endowment request, the whimsical family in this hour of affliction gets the genuine exercise of life regarding what is a definitive fortune they generally had however never figured it out.

Release date

31 January 2020

Movie Budget 

(Cost of Production + Print and Publicity)

2.35Cr. (Cost Of Production)

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Yahan Sabhi Gyani Hain Star Cast 

Atul Srivastava  
Neeraj Sood          
Apoorva Arora 
Meena Nathani  
Vineet Kumar   
Aakash Pandey

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